Why Whitelines?

Because dark lines distract.

Whitelines do not.

That is wow.


The mission of Whitelines, a Swedish innovation patented by Olof Hansson in 2006, is to facilitate learning and boost creativity. The white lines on a grey background in our notebooks let your ideas take center stage. Whitelines notebooks seamlessly integrate with Whitelines App for scanning and sharing your notes.


Whitelines Revelations A4 Graphed/Squared Notebook perfect for writing, sketching, journaling, drawing, working and studying effectively

The classic starter notebook

For those who want to see the difference for themselves.

Starter notebook

Use to study

Raise your studies to another level. Clear structure aids learning, while app integration digitizes notes for seamless organization. Sharpen your focus and boost productivity.

Try now!

use to organize

Experience seamless organization. Clean layouts and structured pages help you keep everything in order, making greater productivity a breeze.

Get organized!

use to express

Unleash and expand your creativity to elevate your creative journey. The unique design ignites inspiration, providing a canvas where your ideas can flow freely.

Start expressing yourself!

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Feel free to reach out to @whitelinespaper on Instagram or e-mail us at shop@whitelines.se