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About the product

What does the notebooks look like?

The notebooks are available in three different sizes, A4, A5 and B5, and three different lineatures, graph, lined and dotted.

The design of Whitelines Revelations and Whitelines Night Revelations notebooks are made by the Swedish multi artist Johan Hjärpe. Each time you look at it, you might discover something new, which could trigger and unleash novel ideas.

There is also a premium version with a black hard cover and a black elastic strap to keep the notebook from opening when closed.

What kind of wire binding does the notebooks have?

The A4 and A5 notebooks have a Wier-O binding, while the B5 is saddle stitched.

Wire-O binding offers superior flexibility and durability for your notebook compared to typical spiral-bound notebooks. Its smooth, lay-flat design ensures effortless writing and reading, while the sturdy metal wire prevents pages from falling out. This binding style surpasses others by seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetic appeal in a reliable package.

Saddle stitch binding offers a simple and cost-effective solution for notebooks. With staples along the spine, it's lightweight and easy to handle, making it perfect for on-the-go use. Despite its simplicity, it securely binds pages and allows for a clean, flat opening, ensuring practicality and convenience.

What do the quadratic boxes in the four corners of each page represent?

The paper's corners are designed to improve scanning and the photography of paper pages using the free Whitelines App. This app provides a convenient method for transferring and saving your notes from the page to your mobile device or computer.

Using the boxes in the corners together with Whitelines App, you recieve automatic scanning that also isolates your notes!

What pens work well with the notebooks?

Most pens work well on the whitelines notebooks, for example pencils, ink pens and colored pencils. Feel free to turn to our instagram @whitelinespaper for further inspiration.

What is the difference between Revelations and Night Revelations?

The only difference between the Revelations and the Night Revelations notebooks are the covers. The Revelations have a light cover with a white metal binding, while the Night Revelations have a dark cover with a black binding.

Other than that, there are no differences between the two.

Do you want to learn more about the notebook covers? Read more under "What does the notebooks look like?" or contact us with your questions through the contact form down below, or through our e-mail


When will I recieve my package?

As we primarily don't control the delivery, we can't say exactly when your package will arrive. We therefore refer to DB Shenkers or UPS own tracking service.

Where is my package sent from?

Your package is sent from Sweden and shipped with DB Shenker (Sweden) or UPS (Outside of Sweden, Europe).

What is the estimated delivery time?

Normal delivery time within Sweden is 1-3 working days, shipping outside of Sweden is 2-5 working days. See DB Shenkers or UPS own detailed information regarding tracking your package.

How much do I pay for shipping?

The shipping cost varies depending on your delivery address. Below is a list of estimated shipping costs in different countries:

  • Austria - 15€
  • Belgium - 10€
  • Bulgaria - 25 BGN
  • Croatia - 15€
  • Cyprus - 15€
  • Czech Republic - 300 Kč CZK
  • Denmark - 70 DKK
  • Estonia - 15€
  • Finland - 10€
  • France - 15€
  • Germany - 10€
  • Greece - 15€
  • Hungary - 5 000 Ft HUF
  • Ireland - 15€
  • Italy - 15€
  • Latvia - 15€
  • Lithuania - 15€
  • Luxembourg - 10€
  • Malta - 15€
  • Netherlands - 10€
  • Poland - 60 zł PLN
  • Portugal - 15€
  • Romania - 65 L RON
  • Slovakia - 15€
  • Slovenia - 15€
  • Spain - 15€
  • Sweden - 60 kr

Returns and exchanges

How do I return a package?

If you are interested in returning one of the ordered products, please attatch the return slip on the outside of the package. Also, please fill out this return form.

We urge you as a customer to return the product in the existing condition in which you received it and that you reuse as much packaging as possible to protect the product. You as the customer are responsible for the return shipping cost.

If you have any further questions, don't hesitate to contact

What is the process for exchanging an item?

If you are interested in exchanging one of the ordered products, we would like you to contact or fill out the exchange form.

Please attatch the return slip on the outside of the package. We urge you as a customer to return the product in the existing condition in which you received it and that you reuse as much packaging as possible to protect the product.

NOTE that you cannot change to a product that costs more than the product already ordered.

How long does it take for my refund to be processed?

The refund time for your order depends entirely on the delivery time of your package. Once Whitelines has received, processed and approved your return, the money will be refunded to you immediately.

Note that it can take a couple of days before the money is back in your account.


Can I purchase notebooks with the old covers?

Unfortunatly not at this moment as they're not in production anymore, however we are currently looking in to new designs.

Is it possible to create customized notebooks?

If you have questions regarding customized notebooks with your own design, please contact

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