What is Whitelines?

Whitelines is a Swedish innovation that reimagines traditional paper. With its unique technology, it offers a seamless writing experience, combining the convenience of digital note-taking with the tactile satisfaction of pen on paper. The small, dedicated team behind Whitelines has also crafted a remarkable tool that bridges the analog and digital worlds seamlessly.

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Why do you need Whitelines?

Because white lineature on gray background offers a gentle guide for writing without the distraction of harsh dark lines, creating a soothing and focused writing experience.

  • ”What I love about Whitelines is that the lines are there when you need them, and not there when you don’t!”



  • ”Whitelines is making revision 1000x easier when it comes down to it. You can scan your notes with the app and they look photocopied"



  • "Whitelines makes studying easier. I love handwriting my notes and the ability to scan them on Whitelines App makes the possibility of losing notes nonexistent!"



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More than a notebook


We are more then just a notebook.

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We are a community.

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Full of competent, intelligent, kind, creative and ambitious human beings.

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Jennifer Nystedt

Who all use Whitelines to free the biggest power in universe.

Our creativity.

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